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UTTARA FOODS AND FEEDS (UFFPL): Part of the US 650Million US $ Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group – considered the worlds most advanced poultry conglomerate – was set up in 1998 by Mr. B.Venkatesh Rao, the young and unassuming Joint Managing Director of the V.H.Group

Late Padmashri Dr.B.V.Rao’s dream to see India as the top most country on the world’s poultry map, was not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of Quality, Value, Productivity and Management. His dream was to see the country’s poultry sector emerge as one of the major contributors to the rural economy. He wanted the V.H.Group to play a significant role in obtaining handsome returns for the poultry farmers.

To make his father’s dream a reality, Mr. B.Venkatesh Rao, started “Uttara Foods And Feeds” in 1996 by setting up a State-Of-The-Art Plant in Pune to manufacture Pelleted Poultry Feed by importing technology & machinery from Buhler of Switzerland, a firm of international repute in the field of Pellet Feed Technology.

“While thinking of poultry feed, a thought came to the mind to look into the food requirement of the vast majority of human beings. Venky’s has established its strong brand name in terms of Quality of Chicken & Chicken related products. It was felt that the same brand image of Quality, Nutrition and Hygiene could also be extended to the vegetarian class & society as well, so that ‘Venkys’ will have its strong-hold in the market in terms of Quality, Nutrition and Hygiene for the vegetarian population also". quotes Mr. Rao.

This gave birth to UTTARA FOODS, the Food Division of the 75 Million US $ company Uttara Foods and Feeds.

Flour Division - Ketkawale
In 2004 UFFPL  diversified production into the FMCG market. This led to the establishment of a new division called UTTARA FOODS with the production of Whole Wheat Chakki Fresh Atta.

Biscuit Division - Ranjangaon
In the year 2005, UFFPL surged ahead by setting up a Biscuit Plant at Ranjangaon near Pune, India with a production capacity of 45 MT per day. Premium Quality Soft Dough Biscuits are manufactured here under the Flagship Brand-Name of Venky’s. Our products have also got presence in the International Market.