VENKATESHWARA HATCHERIES LTD. (1971): The Flagship company of the VH Group has as it main business Poultry Breeding, Manufacture of Vaccines, Egg Powder Products and R&D on Poultry Disease.
BALAJI FOODS AND FEEDS LTD. (1974): BFFL was set up on the outskirts of Hyderabad, the Poultry Capital of India. It went public in 1993 to set up a 100% Export Oriented Unit for manufacturing egg powder.

VENKY’S (INDIA) LIMITED (1976): The first listed company of the V.H.Group. Its shares are listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchange. It went public in 1988. Its current portfolio includes Animal Health Products, Poultry Feed, Specific Pathogen Free Eggs, Solvent Extraction, Processed Chicken, Nutritional Health Products for Humans and Pet Food.
VENKATESHWARA RESEARCH AND BREEDING FARM PVT LTD. (1980): In financial and technical collaboration with ISA Babcock, USA, this company is engaged in the breeding of BV300 layer parent chicks suited to the Indian agro-climatic and market conditions. It has 85% market share of the Indian broiler chick market.
UTTARA FOODS AND FEEDS PVT. LTD. (1996): Engaged in the manufacture of various types of poultry feed and concentrates. Recently UFFPL has diversified production to include food for human consumption by commissioning a Grain Milling Unit at Uttarakshetram near Pune.
VENCO RESEARCH AND BREEDING FARM LIMITED.(I980): A joint venture with Cobb-Vantress Inc USA, this company is engaged in the breeding of Vencobb broiler parent chicks best suited to the Indian agro-climatic and managemental conditions. Today it enjoys a 70% market share of the Indian Broiler Market and its products are exported to Nepal, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka, Iran, SaudiArabia and other Gulf Countries.
VENKA INVESTMENTS PVT.LTD. (1982): A V.H.Group investment company.
VENKATESHWARA FARMS PVT. LTD.(1982): A V.H.Group investment company.
THE POULTRY DIAGNOSTIC AND RESEARCH CENTRE (1983):is established at Pune for conducting surveillance, diagnosis and research on poultry diseases in India.
EASTERN HATCHERIES PVT. LTD. (1985): Operates as parent farms and hatcheries in the states of Orissa and West Bengal.
V. R. EQUIPMENT LIMITED (1993): In collaboration with Roxell NV of Belgium, an ISO-9001 company was established to manufacture automatic feeding and drinking systems of different types for commercial and breeding farms.
V. J. EQUIPMENT LIMITED (1990): An ISO-9001 company was set up in collaboration with Jamesway Inc., Canada to manufacture all the sophisticated equipment needed for hatchery operations. V.J.Equipment is the first in India to manufacture micro-processor controlled walk-in incubators.
BALA ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. (1998): Engaged in assissting production of films, media entertainment and the like; both financially and otherwise.
B. V. FEED SUPPLEMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED (2002): Engaged in the manufacture of poultry feed supplements.

SRIVENK INVESTMENTS PVT. LTD. (1987): A V.H.Group investment company.

VENKATESHWARA BIOSENTRY (INDIA) LIMITED (2002): The VH Group has entered into a joint venture with BioSentry Inc. of USA for the production of biosecurity products like Disinfectants, Sanitary Chemicals and Insecticides.
SHIVALIK HATCHERIES PVT LTD.(1980): Operates as parent farms and hatcheries in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It also has a packaging division which produces corrugated boxes for the V.H.Group..